MB0047 –Management Information System



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Spring/Feb 2013

Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 2

MB0047 –Management Information System -4 Credits

(Book ID:B1630)

Assignment Set -1 (60 marks)


Note: Assignment Set -1 must be written within 6-8 pages. Answer all questions.


Q1.Explain DFD & Data Dictionary? Explain in detail how the information requirement is determined for an organization?10 marks(350-400 words)


Answer : DFD:- Data flow diagrams represent the logical flow of data within the system. DFD do not explain how the processes convert the input data into output. They do not explain how the processing takesplace.DFD uses few symbols like



Q2.What is MIS? Define the characteristics of MIS? What are the basic Functions of MIS? Give some Disadvantage of MIS?10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer : MIS systems are extensively used in generating statistical report of any organization which can be used to study management by behaviour. They set objectives to their employees using ratio analysis. Management also uses MIS for decision making from the low level management to top level management. In order to perform



Q3.Explain Knowledge based system? Explain DSS and OLAP with example?10 marks(350-400 words)

Answer : Knowledge Based System (KBS)

KBS are the systems based on knowledge base. Knowledge base is the database maintained for knowledge management which provides the means of data collections, organization and retrieval of knowledge. The knowledge management manages the domain where it creates and enables organization for adoption of insights and



Q4.What are Value Chain Analysis & describe its significance in MIS? Explain what is meant by BPR? What is its significance? How Data warehousing & Data Mining is useful in terms of MIS?

10 marks(350-400 words)


Answer : Value Chain Analysis: Value Chain Analysis is a process which analyzes all the activities carried out by a business to gauge how much they actually contribute to the goals of the business. The results of the analysis allow a business to categorize activities as either primary or support. Primary activities are those that



Q5.Distinguish between closed decision making system & open decision making system? What is ‘What – if‘ analysis? Why is more time spend in problem analysis & problem definition as compared to the time spends on decision analysis?10 marks(350-400 words)


Answer : Closed decision making system & Open decision making system

The decision-making systems can be classified in a number of ways. There are two types of systems based on the manager’s knowledge about the environment. If the manager operates in a known environment then it is a closed decision-making system. The conditions of the closed decision-making system are:



Q6.What is ERP? Explain its existence before and its future after? What are the advantages & Disadvantages of ERP? What is Artificial Intelligence? How is it different from Neural Networks? 10 Marks(350-400 words)

Answer :  ERP

Manufacturing management systems have evolved in stages over the few decades from simple means of calculating materials requirements to the automation of an entire enterprise. Around 1980, over-frequent changes in sales




Dear students get fully solved assignments

call us at :- 08263069601 


mail us at  help.mbaassignments@gmail.com



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